Rediscovering an old favourite

I have followed the British Army Blog since it started but this week have had another delve into the recent blog archives and its been a revelation, absolutely brilliant and engaging stories, great photographs, a nice clean layout and subject matter that is much more interesting than the usual, PTI’s, war artists and Tongan tribal dances to name but three.

A couple of posts from the last few weeks that really stood out were;

Corporal Si Longworth is one of 38 trained British Army photographers and is a regular poster on the blog including one of great interest for kit enthusiasts, photographic kit that is.

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Major Oli Morgan is the Team Leader for the Army’s involvement in the Bloodhound SuperSonic Car project.  This particular post looks at how the REME are supporting the project and connecting with the Army’s next generation of engineers, didn’t see any pictures of big hammers and sausage fingered VM’s though :)

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Finally, Major Kevin Roberts is a Director of Music in the Corps of Army Music. He is currently working in Jordan with the British Military Advisory Training Team developing the musical capabilities of the Jordanian Armed Forces. It is easy to forget how close the military ties are between Jordan and the UK but they are tangible and long lived.

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These are just three of what is universally high quality output, put it on your follow list