FRES UV. new competiton, new thinking, new approach,hopefully!

Lockheed Martin Havoc (Patria AMV)

Started this post with the intention of making it one of these new fangled quick posts, however it started to grow and grow so i’m going to post what I’ve done so far and let the comments do the rest. My last post on the mungo was merely an exercise in thinking about what could replace (shudders) springer and the supacat ATMP, few comments fired back saying not to buy mungo, so to clarify from the start, This post is generating a thought process not saying what we should buy (not that we’ve got a snowballs chance in hell of buying anything in the next 5 years).

So here we go, In the past there have been many fine articles about how wheeled vehicles have come of age recently, not wishing to blow my own trumpet but about a year ago on one of the posts I said if the” trials of death”  were repeated then the MOD should open the competition properly and instead of just asking the usual suspects bring in the Patria AMV and the ST kinetics Terrex. Well blow looking at another blog it seems the US are doing just this at the moment!

Terex 8x8 Infantry Combat Vehicle
Terex 8×8 Infantry Combat Vehicle
Lockheed Martin Havoc (Patria AMV)
Lockheed Martin Havoc (Patria AMV)
Patria AMV
Patria AMV

1st shot is Terrex, 2nd is Lockheed’s Patria AMV called the Havoc and the third standard Patria AMV, which  I just like!

This news spurred on the post as if the states went with the Patria, would this influence any future purchase by the MOD as having the same vehicle as our main coalition partners would be very handy, plus the US bid is in partnership with Lockheed martin, you know those people doing the turret on warrior and FRES-SV.

Another plus point of Patria it’s been tested with all sorts on it i.e. 120mm twin mortar, RWS, 105mm turret etc etc.

Patria AMV with 120mm NEMO Mortar System
Patria AMV with 120mm NEMO Mortar System

Now he comes the thread drift, whilst doing the research I noticed that the US didn’t include the Pars 8×8 in it’s testing, a vehicle that has won export orders for the Turkish and most surprisingly originates from a US firm in new haven. When I looked at their site it turns out there is a whole family from 4×4 up to 10×10. I wondered  if having a whole family for a variety of roles would be a good idea as it worked for CVR(t).

Again i’m not saying we should dash out and buy shedloads just wondered what people thought of the concept.

PARS Vehicle Family
PARS Vehicle Family

the 10×10 whilst I admit is a bit OTT it can have a role as a decent sized ambulance or engineering support where volume is a driving factor, the polish are looking at some monster 8×8 which is actually bigger than the 10×10 here to compliment the patria and they’ve used it on ops so have a good idea. The seating inside has some good ideas with commander and driver away from section,

Note the 8×8 has 2 options either 2 upfront or a complete crew (I assume a separate gunner for a remote turret)

I have to admit I like the idea of having the family range, there are several videos on you tube of the pars 6×6 and 8×8 and they do look the part.

As a thread drift part 2 and the reason I thought I’d post this rather not so fact packed post otherwise it would be pages long is I’ve just read it’s going to cost £2billion to bring the kit back from Afghanistan, eh! how much. Perhaps it’s time to address what actually comes back and would it be cheaper to replace than bring UOR vehicles into the core budget, the ones that aren’t shagged anyway. The days of going to war in 4 tonners and land rovers has gone same as towing equipment with the pinz.

It would be nice to see this often talked about and not seen 6×6 foxhound even if it’s just a drawing! Not forgetting with the ramping up of the TA (aka reserves) these units require vehicles as well. Me I like this as something to get them from the TAC to the port to the action, it comes as a crew cab good for the light gun, and also a section carrying version (and it’s got 6.5l under the hood)!!

NIMR 6x6
NIMR 6×6

Just to finish a picture of the humungus Polish vehicle called the Hipopotam from AMZ I suppose if need to get a lot of blokes or kit around better than messing about and fitting all the modular armour to “normal” trucks to the point they are unrecognisable and knackering them out

AMZ Hipopotam
AMZ Hipopotam

So over to you guys when (if) we get round to getting wheels are any of the above points pertinent.

edit; the exactor would look nice on the back of that 6×6 pick up!!

edit no2, the 6×6 and 8×8 by fnss has been updated this is the version that has been sold to the Malaysians

PARS 8x8
PARS 8×8

More clearance and protection at the front, I do like this family of vehicles, however lets see who wins in the US, BAe are also in the game with a modified superAV

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