The Fuel Dispensing Rack

The Fuel Dispensing Rack has been obtained by the MoD from the German company WEW

WEW Fuel Dispensing Rack Afghanistan
WEW Fuel Dispensing Rack Afghanistan

Clever eh

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June 1, 2013 4:29 pm

At face value, it’s inefficient compared to a dedicated fuel truck (much greater amount of fuel).

The logistical flexibility added is the real point. This capability – realised only decades after the introduction of DROPS / PLS / MULTI – finally allows logistics to use the same trucks for ammo or fuel transportation, depending on whether ops require much ammo (intense fighting against intact opposition) or much fuel (retrograde movement, pursuit, exploitation).

Now you only need enough of them, or else they will meet the same fate as so many other modular approaches; barely more modules than vehicles, thus little advantage gained.