Pinzgauer 2020

Just when you thought the Army was maybe, just perhaps, with a bit of luck manage to modernise its vehicle fleet along comes a 7 year enabling logistics support contract for the Pinzgauer (and others)

Parts of military vehicles. The Authority has under consideration a 7 year Enabling Contract for the supply of spares in support of light, medium and heavy armoured vehicles and Pinzgauer. The scope of the Contract shall be strictly limited to those parts that, for reasons of exclusive rights, can only be purchased from BAE Systems Global Combat Systems Ltd.

Lowest offer 4 500 000 and highest offer 10 000 000 GBP

So whilst it might mean keeping the lightweight and specialist kit which rides on the back of a Pinzgauer like CBRN, communications, ASTOR or medical it might equally mean Vector staying in service!


Pinzgauer CY12AB RAF Waddington

Royal Navy Bomb Disposal

014-MIL 4

012-MIL 3

011-MIL 2

Pinzgauer 716M -British Army Combat Service Support

Great bit of kit

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