North Korea Missile Range Maps


Another day and another North Korean threat to blow up the world an shit, innit

North Korea issued a handful of photographs showing Kim Jong Un at an emergency meeting with maps of the range to the USA liberally and strategically placed on the walls behind Kim Jong Un. This was followed by an explosion of range diagrams and technical illustrations showing theoretical ranges from North Korea to ‘somewhere over there’, which as we all know, is the extent of their targeting prowess.

A good overview is over at Missile Threat

Some parts of North East Scotland are even in range of Taepo Dong 2 missile., what does Alex Salmond think of this worrying development?

Am I the only person in the Western World to snigger every time someone mentions a missile with the word dong in it?

It would seem the podgy leader is thinking the same thing.

Kim Jong Un considers missile range problem

mmmm, missiles

But seriously, as they say

How much of this external aggression is just for show, a counter to a desire to be transformative or genuine is hard to determine.

One day, things will change in North Korea, their situation is not sustainable, especially if China starts to act as a proper regional power and I expect if North Korea achieves it objective of a credible nuclear delivery system that can cover Japan and South Korea then the balance of power in the region will change.

China will have to act.

In the meantime, it is China the West should be talking to, they know that internal reform in North Korea is going to be very difficult and their desire for a buffer between their border and South Korea/US forces is perhaps more trouble than its worth.

Best start thinking about it.

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