A Ground Role for Hellfire, CRV7 and LMM?


Lockheed Martin has recently demonstrated the ability of its guided 2.75” rocket, DAGR, to fire from a wheeled vehicle off a combined Hellfire/DAGR pedestal mount.

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What is interesting about this is the combination of lightweight and heavyweight missile, each with a different maximum and minimum range, each with different warheads and of course, each with a different cost that can be used against a range of targets by lightweight forces.

I also like the desire to make better use of what is already in service.

The UK is unlikely to adopt the DAGR even though it is supposedly able to utilise any type of 70mm/2.75” rocket because we use the Magellan Aerospace CRV7 and with the introduction of the MBDA Lightweight Multirole Missile (LMM) makes DAGR even less likely. BAE have also supplied their Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS ) to the USMC and these are being used in Afghanistan.

In the RAF and Army Air Corps the rocket of choice is the CRV-7, a seemingly old fashioned and unglamorous weapon that nevertheless is massively effective, very low cost and frequently used.

The manufacturers of the CRV-7 (Bristol (Magellan) Aerospace of Canada) have developed a low cost precision version utilising a simple laser homing seeker head from Kongsberg, additional seeker heads include GPS and Anti Radiation.

The CRV7 no doubt is the best of breed and with the addition of a low cost semi active laser homing warhead it would provide a useful extra capability for limited vehicular and airborne (helicopter and UAV) launch, with a range of between 1 and 12km.

It has been available for sale for a few years now but without any takers.

Magellan also developed a version for special-forces use that utilised a single tube launcher. This enabled the target to be designated using an airborne or ground based laser and the missile launched from behind cover.


Starstreak, an earlier incarnation of the LMM, has been seen on the THOR mount

Kongsberg have also shown a version of the Sea Protector remote mount fitted with a triple tube launcher for 70mm rockets and Aeslan, a version with two LMM launchers.

There are many combinations or on-board and off-board designators/optical systems, launchers and missiles all within easy reach.

These are all interesting combinations and something similar would provide both the reactive and adaptable UK force elements with a useful capability at a low cost by making use of what we have or available off the shelf.




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