Towards SDSR 2015 – 01


As the run in to SDSR 2015 starts and inevitably the conversations lead to what cap badge, ship or aircraft is going to be cut I thought it would be good to have a conversation about the underpinning strategic assumptions that might inform these discussions instead of focussing on equipment, what UOR’s are being bought into core (or Equipping for Contingencies as I am informed its now called) and how many ships/planes/tanks we want.

One of our regular commenters, X, made a good point the other day that got me thinking and have been discussing something very similar on another forum. The point was more of a question, why does the UK concentrate its defence effort delivering contingency capabilities that are used very infrequently instead of seeing the things that we always seem to get involved in more often than not continue to be under resourced and therefore reliant on the UOR system?

One might argue that the Army is still putting all its eggs in the combined arms manoeuvre basket, the Royal Navy is equipping to face a submarine threat and the RAF is still heavily focussed on air dominance to the detriment of upstream engagement, rapid intervention and more security focussed roles.

It’s not a point of view I entirely agree with but it’s a point worth debating.

The collective readership of Think Defence leaves me mostly speechless with their all-round common sense, vision and free thinking, I want to harness that and try something a bit trendy vicar.

With this in mind, how about taking part an experiment in crowd sourcing?

Starting with a group derived definition of what the UK’s national interests are, then progress to a discussion of what the impacts and likelihood of disruption would look like, a spot of risk analysis and then that lot should lead to a set of priorities that our merry band think should inform the subsequent ‘means’

This is passive, it focusses on impacts to our interests instead of how our interests might not only be protected but advanced as well, so, I want to try and weave this aspect into the mix.

We can make use of polls and multi edit posts that pick up from comments.

If you think this is a good idea, would be interesting and worth your time let me know in comments and I will start working on the behind the scenes stuff.

Still plenty of time but as you know, planning and preparation prevent piss poor performance!


To my blogging hombres, Sir H, Chris, Jedi and even those from outside the UK like Sven, RP Defense, Chuck and Sol, do you fancy joining in?

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