Surplus Heavy Metal

FV4034 Challenger 2 shown with reactive armour plates (these were subsequently removed when one was detonated by an RPG29, injuring to the driver).

We have been discussing heavy armour and just before I finish the final part of the series later this week, a Freedom of Information request might be of some interest;

‘Since the reduction in numbers of Challenger 2 MBT and AS90 in the SDSR 2010, Can you tell me how many, of those retired are kept in hand and how many have been disposed of’.

The answer from the DE&S Secretariat;

AS90 The Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) 2010 required the AS90 fleet to reduce to 89, resulting in 48 surplus guns. The MOD will be harvesting all 48 surplus guns to remove key components to support the remaining Fleet, before transferring them to the MOD’s Disposal Services Authority (DSA). To date no guns have been disposed of.

Challenger 2 The SDSR 2010 required the Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank fleet to reduce to 227 vehicles, resulting in 118 surplus vehicles. 16 of the surplus vehicles will be converted to Driver Training Tanks. The MOD is harvesting 102 surplus vehicles to remove key components to support the remaining Fleet, after which the platforms will be transferred to the DSA. To date no vehicles have been disposed of.

There you go then.

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