The Vigor Offshore Patrol Craft

Vigor Offshore Patrol Craft 01

Read about this  on G Captain this morning

Will Ulstein’s X-Bow Be Incorporated into the Next Generation of US Coast Guard Cutters?

Vigor Industrial, and of course Ulstein certainly hope so.  They’ve been working together for the past two years to come up with a new Offshore Patrol Cutter (OPC) design that would replace the aging Reliance and Famous– class of medium endurance US Coast Guard cutters.  Those ships have seen active service in since the 1960s and 1980′s respectively.

We have looked at the Ulstein X Bow a few times in the past and I am actually in the middle of re writing the SIMSS series of posts with new and updated information.

Click here to read more at the Vigor web site and here for the brochure.

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Vigor Offshore Patrol Craft 01 Vigor Offshore Patrol Craft 02

Seems to me it has obvious synergies with the MHPC programme

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