Agile Warrior 2012

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As a follow up to the earlier post on Agile Warrior and the Future of the British Army and because it is obviously timely, this is an interesting document about the findings of Agile Warrior 2012.

Some interesting stuff

The headline themes were;

  • Operation in an urban environment
  • Cyber operations
  • Command, control and information
  • Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance
  • Urgent Operational Requirements into Core
  • UK Resilience
  • Deterrence and Capacity Building
  • Professional Development

If we were looking at themes for future organisational, doctrinal and equipment approaches these are the obvious start point.

Do take the time to read it if you can, it is a very interesting document and perhaps the most interesting part is not what is in it but that it exists in the public domain at all.

It is extremely encouraging that this kind of open thinking exists and one in the eye for those thinking the Army is staffed by chinless wonders with no thought for innovation.

The problem, of course, is translating thought into action, something not wholly in the gift of those doing the thinking.

To those dark and light blue, I would enquire if there exists something similar, where the answer isn’t more frigates and fast jets?

Does innovative thinking exist outside the Army?

Quick test, Page 5, what kind of bridge is that?

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