Leakage and the F35 Saga


Is this a new low for the senior officers and civil servants at the MoD?

If the report that Thomas Harding has supposedly seen and reported on was actually marked ‘Secret’ then releasing such protectively marked information is a serious breach of the Official Secrets Act and should be investigated as such.

If we cast our minds back to the famous leaked letter from Liam Fox to David Cameron, not a single person has been bought to account for that.

Is this now normal behaviour, is this the standard of conduct that should be expected of senior officers and civil servants because that document would not have been released to Joe Bloggs in the pub, then it really is a sad day.

As soon as the potential for a change in model from F35C to F35B the well oiled campaign has been in full flow, blog posts, tweets, letters to the editor and think tank musings from all the usual suspects have been involved in a concerted and coordinated campaign to persuade those in the decision making circle to ‘do the right thing’

We all know the F35C represents in isolation a set of improved performance figures and lower initial aircraft sticker price but those in the campaign simply do not comprehend that the decision is about overall cost and impact to the rest of defence.

Regardless of the decision, which for me is exactly and precisely nothing more than balance and cost, yet again, the grown ups in the MoD have cheapened themselves by talking out of school.

In my last post on this subject I suggested that Mr Hammond should go on the warpath against the leakers and spinners but I think this latest episode has shown that certain individuals on that document distribution list need to have a little attention from the MoD Police.

The rioters have felt the full force of the law and lenience for them, no matter how trivial their actual crimes, was in short supply.

Perhaps we should take the same approach with those responsible for this.


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