More Mobility Concepts – Hill and Ditch Climbing

Following on from our recent discussion vehicle mobility this is a video mini-series looking at how vehicle designers approach the need for mobility. The need for extreme mobility in adverse conditions has delivered some extremely interesting solutions that go beyond the traditional wheels v tracks debate.

It is generally accepted that for serious mobility, especially where low surface compaction or high tractive force is needed, tracks are superior to wheels. Another generally accepted fact is that tracks have higher running costs, create more vibration, are noisier and have higher fuel consumption.

Various FRES studies seemed to draw the same conclusions and there are some interesting (although quite old) research papers on the web;$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/eng8171

But, there are a number of technologies and designs that have and are chipping away at these assumptions, wheels and track technology does not stand still.

We all know about the Supacat ATMP and BAE BVs10 Viking but these are the more unusual and mostly civilian solutions.

If these don’t wet your appetite then head over to Unusual Locomotion

Hill Climbing and Ditches



Menzi Muck

This is my favourite clip because the driver has a fag on, very cool




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Dangerous Dave
Dangerous Dave
February 28, 2012 4:16 pm

This sort of thing is going to be more comonplace soon, once the military start accepting hub-moubnted electric motors, regenerative braking and hybrid powerplants. These sort of extending chassis jobs just aren’t possible anyother way. Better make it able to limp home on 3 wheels though, incase on wheel/arm gets shot off!