Indirect Fires


Rather than filling up other posts comments with discussions on artillery, loitering munitions etc can we just use this one for now?

This will be part of the ‘Future of’ series but everyone seems keen to crack on with the discussion.

So a few talking points to start the ball rolling…

  • Is 105/155 the right mix, what about a single intermediate calibre
  • Do we need a traditional armoured self-propelled system like AS90 anymore
  • Where do mortars fit in, is there a case, for example, for a 120mm and if so Infantry or Artillery
  • The bunfight between RA/AAC and RAF for extended range attack
  • The role of synthetic training systems
  • Counter battery fires, or more likely counter rocket and mortar fire, do we have the right equipment mix
  • Where do naval Gunfire and land attacks fit into the matrix
  • Are we going precision crazy and ignoring the utility of flattening grid squares
  • How can indirect fires support a larger area of operation, is a longer range or greater mobility the answer
  • How can we organise direction and management of indirect fires, is it a recce or RA task
  • What about UAV’s and CAS
  • What about the impact of greater urbanisation
  • What about rockets, is there a case for a smaller round
  • Loitering munitions, a decade too late or armed UAV replacement

In your own time…

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