Container Inventor Dies, age 92

ISO Container

California born engineer and inventor Keith W. (Tant) Tantlinger, was aged 92 and died at home in Escondido, California last week.

Although strictly speaking he was not the inventor of the container, instead, he invented the corner casting and twist lock system that enabled them to become a practical commercially viable and  revolutionise logistics

The New York Times has a good article, click here to read

Thus, without ever intending to, Mr. Tantlinger, an engineer who died at 92 on Aug. 27 and who had long worked out of the limelight, helped bring about the vast web of international trade that is a fact of 21st-century life. More than any other innovation, the modern shipping container — by turns venerated and castigated — is now acknowledged to have been the spark that touched off globalization.


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