FRES – What Might Have Been


We have covered FRES in much painful detail but one of the notable ‘le grande cock ups’ was the UK’s decision to invest in the MRAV programme, then pull out after investing hundreds of millions and finally to put the resultant vehicle (Artec Boxer) through the subsequent FRES Utility Variant (trials of truth)

Of course, it wasn’t selected, it wasn’t quite exactly what we wanted, there were no ex-senior civil servants and officers working for Artec and the usual reasons for not selecting something that actually delivers a reasonable capability at a reasonable cost in a reasonable time frame came out in full force.

One of the nations that stuck the course with MRAV, Germany, has in the last few weeks transported 4 Boxers to Afghanistan, ready for deployment in August

Whether you agree with the concept or design is not relevant to this discussion but the fact that we are still farting around with FRES whilst others defined their requirements and stuck with them should be a lesson on how to develop vehicles.

We used to be good at this stuff as well

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