A Sub Orbital Rocket for $70,000

Danish Surborbital is a non profit group with a single goal, launch a human being into space.

Click here for their home page and lots of information

A few days ago they launched their first rocket and payload vehicle, not everything went to plan but progress has been remarkable.

What security and defence implications does the proliferation of this type of knowledge have, we already know various armed groups around the world can manufacturer relatively sophisticated free flight rockets with explosive payloads but a sub orbital rocket raises the stakes considerably.

Do I need my tinfoil hat?


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Dangerous Dave
Dangerous Dave
June 6, 2011 10:52 pm

It loks like they’re about 6 years too late.

Look here; http://wwwxprize.org
and here; http://space.xprize.org/ansari-x-prize (for the original x-prize and the teams competing in it).

Makes all those “untouchable” and very fragile GPS and secure comms satellites look very fragile now.

All you’d need to take them out is one of these rockets and an oversized claymore mine perched on the end. Insert into the correct orbit and detonate. Instant cone of destruction that, theoretically could disable any satellite in that orbit.

June 7, 2011 12:36 pm

I am worship the engineering god Burt Rutan.

But it does make me wonder if he could get into space so “easily” with so few resources it makes me wonder what the US, with the help of Skunk Works and Phantom Works and a black projects budget of a few hundred billion dollars, have been up to………

Saying that the other day I watched a programme about Area 51 on the Nat Geo channel. Apparently everybody carried a schedule of when Soviet satellites were overhead so that ‘planes could be towed into hangers for cover. This caused problems for aircraft mock-ups used for RCS profiling and testing. These were lofted a good few stories off the ground on what appeared to be a big hydraulic ram. The ram at lowest position put the mockup at height lower than the real plane on its under carriage. But the mockups had to be moved to cover when the satellite were above. Considering Groom Lake was selected for its flat surface (allowing vehicles to roll unhampered) you would think one of the bright sparks there would have come up with a shed on wheels that could have been towed over the rig. Smacks of NASA space pen vs Soviet space pencil..

June 11, 2011 10:18 am

How difficult would it be for Iran/North Korea to launch a satellite with a big enough nuclear device to create an EMP that would shut down most of London?
Very hard to defend against, and the lack of destruction and direct casualties would make a legal and PR acceptable retalitation very difficult.

June 12, 2011 12:32 pm

Like I said some time ago the natives have got maxim guns now…

Some time ago over few beers with a friend, I pointed out how with 12-20 reasonably hairy arsed blokes, 3-4 transit vans and some tools, You could cause chaos destruction and death, in the UK every bit as bad as 7/7 and no one would have to martyr themselves, or make any eye catching explosives, and what’s more even if the powers that be knew of the vulnerabilies I would attack they cold do F all about it….

Now if I was a state / non state actor THE target would be the GPS system. and sattellite communications…