Goodbye to the Harrier


The iconic is overused but I think I am on safe ground to label the Harrier as such.

From the MoD

The formation of 16 Harriers took to the skies over Lincolnshire from their base at RAF Cottesmore. Brought into service in 1969 and based at RAF Wittering, this British aircraft was designed to take off and land both vertically and on a short runway.

Well known for its role in the Falklands War, the Harrier went on to serve in many other conflicts including in Bosnia and Iraq in the 1990s.

The RAF and Royal Navy Harrier squadrons joined forces in 2000 to form Joint Force Harrier, based at RAF Cottesmore. These combined Harrier squadrons went on to serve in Sierra Leone, the second Gulf War and most recently Afghanistan.

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On this pretty sad day, what else is happening in the world this week?

The UK announced that it is getting 200,000 children back to school in Pakistan, providing £888 million for the International Development Aid fund and being seriously miffed at the massive and widespread theft of education development money in Kenya.

Nice to know that those African Mercedes dealers are doing so well at our expense, remember, we can’t afford to keep the Harrier in service

A few selected videos of the Harrier

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