Harrier and Tornado Weapon Loads

Brimstone Tornado

During our recent discussion and comments elsewhere, one of the issues that came out in discussions about the relative merits of each type was the difference in weapons carriage. Although the availability of Brimstone or Storm Shadow was in reality, a very small part of the discussion it is still interesting to see the differences.

Apart from weapons like Storm Shadow, which is large and therefore physically difficult for a small aircraft like Harrier, it is interesting to note the differences that are largely due to funding issues.

Anyway, here is the table

Tornado GR4 Harrier GR9
Targeting/Reconnaissance Pods
Litening 3 (Recce/Datalink) Advanced Targeting Pod Yes No
Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod Yes Yes
Reconnaissance Airborne Pod Tornado (RAPTOR) Yes No
Digital Joint Reconnaissance Pod (DJRP) Yes Yes
Thermal Imagining Airborne Laser Designator Pod (TIALD) Yes Yes
Air to Ground Weapons
Paveway IV (500lb GPS/Laser Guided Bomb) Yes Yes
Dual Mode Seeker Brimstone Missile Yes No
Legacy Brimstone Missile Yes No
Storm Shadow Yes No
Mauser BK-27 Cannon Yes No
Air Launched Anti Radiation Missile (ALARM) Yes No
Paveway II (1000lb Laser Guided Bomb) Yes Yes
Paveway III (20001b Laser Guided Bomb) Yes Yes
Enhanced Paveway II (10001b GPS/Laser Guided Bomb) Yes Yes
Enhanced Paveway III (20001b GPS/Laser Guided Bomb) Yes No
Enhanced Paveway II+ (10001b GPS/Laser Guided Bomb) No Yes
CRV-7 Rocket Pod No Yes
Maverick AGM-65 No Yes
10001b Dumb Freefall/Retard Yes Yes
5401b Dumb Freefall/Retard Yes Yes
Air To Air Weapons
AIM-9L Sidewinder Yes Yes
Advanced Short Range Air to Air Missile (ASRAAM) Planned 2012 No
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