Royal Marine CB90’s

Photo Section 11(ATT) Sqn RM Instow

Although the Royal Marines from 539 Assault Squadron have cross-trained on CB90’s for some years it appears that we now have one on a six-month loan from the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration. The Dutch have also loaned one and the Royal Marines long and successful cooperation with the Netherlands Marine Corps seems set to continue.

Manufactured by Dockstavarvet the CB90H is a well-armed, fast patrol and landing craft the ones on loan have been modified so as to enable lift by the davits of an LAD(A) or LPD in place of an LCVP Mk5 landing craft.

This makes obvious sense from an equipment and cooperation perspective and given the modest cost, a small group of CB90’s embarked on a Bay Class LSD(A) or Albion Class LPD would create a powerful littoral capability.

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