Poppy Nazis


Maybe a controversial post but this time of year brings the usual crop of poppy outrage stories.

Whether it’s seeing people being castigated for not wearing one 24×7 or some organisation or other banning them, politics sadly intrudes on what is a simple act of remembrance.

A quick opinion…

The Poppy is a symbol of remembrance of the dead, not a glorification of war. Wearing one is a person’s own decision. If they choose to great, if they decide not to, so what. I am a great supporter of the RBL and other Service non-profits but that is my choice and I don’t think bad of anyone who doesn’t get involved or prefers to give to a poverty or cancer charity for example. Am not a particular fan of white poppies but am not going to piss and whine about them either.

We should all encourage people to wear one but each to their own.

Live and let live, those that died for our freedom would I am sure agree with that.

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