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Long Read Update – Operation Black Buck

Each of the reference and journal articles on Think Defence is subject to a regular update schedule. The first of these is the 25,090 word article on the 1982 Falklands Conflict Vulcan bomber missions against Stanley Airport codenamed Black Buck.…

The Light Strike Brigade – A Concept

Counter insurgency operations in the Middle East and South Asia resulted in light forces becoming heavy forces. With a renewed interest in conventional operations in Europe and the evolving nature of operations elsewhere, a concept that gets back to mobility.…

New Content – Military Motorcycles

Where quad bikes are focussed on load hauling, motorcycles tend to a focus on speed. The military motorcycle has generally lost favour in most western forces but is it time to have another look? Click to read… Military Motorcycles  

A Royal Navy FLO-FLO

I was having a conversation about the utility of the US Expeditionary Transfer Dock and its potential for the UK recently, so I thought a quick post on the subject would be interesting.