CV12 and CV8 Engines


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Up to 7 Years Remanufacture of CV8 Engines, CV12 Engines, X300 Transmissions and Ancilliary Items.

Armoured Vehicle Programmes, In Service Platforms (AVPISP), part of the UK Ministry of Defence, intends to award a Contract to Caterpillar Shrewsbury Limited for the remanufacture and outward test of the following items to latest OEM specifications: CV8 Engine, CV12 Engine, X300 Transmission, Pump Fuel Metering, Pump Hydraulic and Ancilliary items. It is considered that this award of Contract can be placed using the negotiated procedure without prior publication pursuant to Article 28(1)(e) of Directive 2009/81/EC and Regulation 16(1)(a)(9ii) of the Defence and Security Public Contracts Regulations 2011. This is because Caterpillar Shrewsbury Limited own confidential information in the form of Drawings and Test Specifications that are unavailable to any of the supplier but essential to perform the contract. Technical reasons associated with Safety Cases and proving trials also means there is a strict technical impracticality for any other supplier to achieve the required goals.

Cost of the contract is £47.2m

And with this contract award goes any fantasy of a re-engine as in the Challenger or Warrior life extension programmes

Read more about the CV12 here

Here is what they sound like

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