Royal Marine from 42 commando fires an ILAW missile at Taliban positions in Helmand Province

A Royal Marine Commando engages Taliban insurgents with an Interim Light Anti-armour Weapon (ILAW) during Operation Volcano.

This was a deliberate action carried out by M Company, 42 Commando Royal Marines against Taliban insurgents in the town of Barikju, Northern Helmand, Afghanistan.

The L2A1 ILAW is a 84mm unguided anti-armour rocket launcher that is designed to be carried by a single soldier. The one-shot ILAW’s launcher tube is disposed of after the rocket has been fired. ILAWs have been deployed by elite UK forces such as The Paras and Royal Marines in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The ILAW has an effective range of 300 meters and minimum range of 10. When fired, the ILAW creates significant ‘back blast’ and operators are trained to ensure that there are no obstructions (including friendly forces) behind them in a 90 degree cone out to 100 meters before they launch.
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Photographer: POA(PHOT) Sean Clee
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