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Nothing But Eyes

I looked at persistent surveillance a while ago whilst on the subject of the RAF but progress marches on and although not strictly the UK

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Palfinger Crayler F3

The sales patter… The CRAYLER BM is a remote controlled forklift complying to EMC 89/336/EWG with lifting capacity options from 1500 up to 2100 kg

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UAV Proliferation

Our future ground-based anti-air capabilities seem to be coalescing around CAMM and Lightweight Starstreak but have a look at this video. The caption reads While

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Telemos UAV

BAe and Dassault Aviation have today announced the name of the long-planned joint UK-French Medium Altitude Long Endurance UAS. In Greek mythology, Telemos was the

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Flapless Flight

You see, the UK can still bloody well innovate in aeronautics. In all the pre-SDSR doom and gloom this caught my eye. In a collaborative

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