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The More Things Change

It is always interesting to compare and contrast the ‘language of defence’ used today and in time past. This is from June 1981 and the then Conservative Secretary of State for Defence, John Nott. With permission, Mr. Speaker, I should…

Crystal Ball Gazing

One of the fundamental difficulties faced by any strategic defence review is trying to understand what the future holds. As we know, the future is a very unpredictable place. At the end of every major deployment, the clarion call of more…

SDSR Resources

As we approach the National Security Strategy review, Strategic Defence and Security Review and Comprehensive Spending Review there will be an avalanche of leaks and speculative articles in the press that are part of the careful ‘ground preparation’ campaigns waged…

The Management of Savagery

The Management of Savagery” is much more than the A-Z of how to establish a caliphate, it is an Islamist justification for the use of violence and in particular of exemplary violence for political (religious) ends. If Afghanistan was about Armed Politics according to Emile Simpson then what we are looking at with “The Management of Savagery” is as much Armed Evangelisation as it is caliphate building according to Abu Bakr Naji.

Our Geopolitical Failure

In a game of chess, there are two priorities; protect your king, to prevent yourself from being defeated, and checkmate the enemy’s king to win the game. In geopolitics, each nation must assess its priorities and ensure it upholds them to avoid defeat.

Wake up Europe

Ukraine Army
The ongoing struggle in the Ukraine and its resultant debate is merely an indicator of a larger question that Europe seems increasingly unable to answer. Ukraine might seem important to European defence in itself but it is not, it is merely an indicator of…