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15 Minutes

In the late thirties, the RAF and Army pioneered close air support or air control in far-flung places like Aden, the Sudan and Palestine. Combining

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A400 – Predictions

As the first flight looms ever nearer and the deadline for a governmental decision on its future comes into sharp focus over the same period,

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Rank Inflation

It is often commented on the fact that rank inflation, where senior ranks do not shrink at the same rate as lower ranks, is making

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COIN Aircraft – Cracking the Nut

With any conflict, whether it is conventional or counterinsurgency (COIN), airpower will play an important, if not pivotal role.  When fighting a large, sophisticated army

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Who is Paying for the FSTA

The Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft or FSTA is the RAF’s new tanker and strategic transport aircraft based on the Airbus A330-200 aircraft. The 14 aircraft

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