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The GoCo NoGo

Sorry, have been itching to use that one! Statement from Mr Hammond With permission, Mr Speaker, I should like to make a statement on the

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A XI(B) Sqn Tornado GR4 training for deployment to Afghanistan

Flying costs per hour

You often see flying costs per hour in Parliamentary answers where the costs are expressed as Marginal Cost and Full Cost but what constitutes both

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Human Rights and Tommy Atkins

I thought I would wait until the inevitable froth had subsided before writing something about this . There has been some incredible nonsense written about the

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The Patrol Ship Myth

A Guest Post by Somewhat Involved Over the past months, there has been much talk, discussion and debate on ways to generate additional capability for

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More GEMS Gems

Now I know this isn’t as sexy as the F35, Type 26 or FRES but GEMS has, and is, proving its worth many times over.

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