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Taking Advantage of Idle Fleets

The MoD obtains equipment by one of two methods, CADMID or UOR/UCR. CADMID stands for Concept, Assessment, Demonstration, Manufacture, In-Service and Disposal. UOR stands for

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Shiny Arse Civil Servants

SDSR 2015 announced that the MoD civil service personnel would be reduced by 30%. Unfortunately, the civil service is saddled with a reputation of being

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Surely Some Mistake

I must admit, this almost passed me by. The annual ‘kick the MoD in the balls’ report from the National Audit Office (NAO), properly known

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Accountable to Parliament

When the MoD published the ‘Defence in Numbers‘ booklet the equipment lists were clearly an error, perhaps an error produced by a junior person. A

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A Lack of Skills

Returning to a common theme, a recent story from ADS described how Frazer Nash had won an MoD contract; Engineering consultancy Frazer-Nash has won two

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Agile Development

I have been reading about Agile Development, a method designed for software development, and wondered if it is a technique that could be applied to

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