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Binoculars and Maritime Patrol

Cheeki Rafiki Search Area

The MoD have now confirmed that an RAF Hercules has joined the effort to locate the crew of the yacht Cheeki Rafiki and predictably there has been criticism about the well known situation of the UK being sans Maritime Patrol…

Beating the Cousins at their Own Game

(April 7, 2014) Royal Air Force Flight Lieutenant Ian Tuff, assigned to the Pro’s Nest of Patrol Squadron (VP) 30, tracks a submarine from a P-8A Poseidon during Fleet Challenge 2014. The allied crew won the annual anti-submarine warfare competition, which put seven of the Navy’s best aircrews against each other in a simulator scenario and flight operations locating and tracking a submarine.

This is a great story Fleet Challenge 2014 wrapped up its annual anti-submarine warfare competition April 10 at Naval Air Station Jacksonville. This year’s winners were the allied P-8A Poseidon aircrew from the Pro’s Nest of Patrol Squadron (VP) 30, followed…