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Pallets East!

There have been a couple of quite interesting Parliamentary questions recently. The first was tabled by Angus Robertson of the SNP, enquiring about moving supplies to

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The End of the Masshy Wagon

The march of the ISO containerised system continues. Instead of the old box body ‘masshy wagon’ Royal Engineers, Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, Royal Air

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Pallets and Containers

Completing our look at logistics I am going to delve into the complex world of pallets. Anyone thinking that pallet dimensions would be coordinated with

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Ship to Shore Logistics

UK amphibious doctrine has for some time seen a heavily opposed landing as a last resort and the assumption is that because of the proliferation

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Haiti and D Day

There has been a lot of blog coverage on the Haiti relief effort and from a defence perspective, much of this has focussed on the

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What is a Mexeflote

Whilst we are on the subject of the Royal Navy and about to embark on the amphibious, logistics and submarine element some information on how,

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