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Royal Navy Merlin helicopter and Stingray torpedo

Royal Navy Exercise Deep Blue

In June 2014, the Royal Navy’s new Merlin Mk2 helicopters took part in Exercise Deep Blue, off the south coast of England. The anti-submarine warfare exercise was designed to test the helicopters which were recently upgraded by Lockheed Martin UK through the Merlin Capability Sustainment Programme

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The Silent Knight Radar

I was reading about the RAF’s HC5’s earlier this week (aka, the Worlds Most Expensive Chinooks TM) comparing them to the US MH-47G Special Operations

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AC-235 Light Gunship

Pocket Gunships

The Jordanian Airbus/ATK/KADBB C295 gunship is a fascinating study in delivering effects for a modest outlay. Jordan has effective armed forces and a growing defence

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Wildcat Iron Duke

Rough Landings in High Seas

Operating helicopters from the deck of naval vessels in poor weather is a significant challenge demanding the highest levels of skill and a number of

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UNIC Cranes Training

A collection of images from GRR of their latest UNIC mini crane training course in Denmark and some from RAF Odiham in the UK. Three

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