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The A10 is a fascinating case study on the perception of a weapon systems effectiveness from different perspectives. The leadership of the USAF think it

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RAF 2019 – Mind the Gap

January 9th 2015 is an historic day for the Royal Air Force as it marks the first increase in the number of frontline combat squadrons since the mid-1980’s. In a dangerous world where putting ‘boots on the ground’ is increasingly politically difficult the RAF is inevitably thrust to the front row of the UK’s force projection.

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Typhoon and Paveway IV

From the MoD this morning, news about Paveway IV and Typhoon READ MORE ABOUT UK COMPLEX WEAPONS

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RAF Tornado GR4's at RAF Akrotiri Cyprus being armed with the Paveway IV Laser Guided Bomb.

OP SHADER Pictures and Video

A collection of images and videos from Operation SHADER, the UK operation against ISIS, in Iraq. RAF Tornado aircraft armed with Paveway IV precision guided

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