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How Much!

OK, so we all get defence equipment development is complex, time consuming and expensive but occasionally you see a news report about a contract that

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Airborne Decoys and Deception

Airborne decoys are a well established countermeasure for combat aircraft and have been used for many years. The Raytheon AN/ALE 50 for example are used on B1

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What price commonality

I want to start a conversation about commonality across the three services for equipment. We have on many occasions looked at this, discussed how generally,

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IMI Trigon

GMLRS All at Sea

I always like to speculate about the possibility and all round utility of putting a GMLRS on one of her Majesty’s War Canoes I am

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Maritime laser

Lasers a Go Go

Must admit to not covering lasers a great deal but the US (and Germany for some inexplicable reason) seem to be pushing forward. The US

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