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Forward to Plan B

The rumour mill has been flapping faster than a shithouse door in a Force 9 on the subject of the change from F35C to F35B.

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F35 – Back to Plan B

If the Guardian is to be believed the MoD is considering switching back to the STOVL version of the F35 Joint Strike Fighter. You can have

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The Price of an F35

Does anyone actually know, not Peter Luff, Minister of State for Defence Equipment The honest answer is we don’t know. The Americans are not reducing

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Arse, Meet Elbow

Confusion continues to reign in the land of CVF. The MoD seems unable to get its story straight on the conversion to conventional carrier aircraft

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To talk or not to talk

I have tremendous sympathy for the First Sea Lord, Admiral Mark Stanhope. When it comes to stating the obvious there can be few clearer examples

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