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Haiti and D Day

There has been a lot of blog coverage on the Haiti relief effort and from a defence perspective, much of this has focussed on the

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What is a Mexeflote

Whilst we are on the subject of the Royal Navy and about to embark on the amphibious, logistics and submarine element some information on how,

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The Art of Deception

The art of deception is as old as the art of war, the Trojan Horse is perhaps the most widely known. Although the use of

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A400 – Predictions

As the first flight looms ever nearer and the deadline for a governmental decision on its future comes into sharp focus over the same period,

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US To Keep JCA Source Code

After years of prevarication, promises and confusion the United States has finally made the decision the UK thought had been settled years ago. Without access

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Rank Inflation

It is often commented on the fact that rank inflation, where senior ranks do not shrink at the same rate as lower ranks, is making

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