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Andy has had a lifelong interest in defence issues which he gained from his father who served in the RAF. A career has got in the way of this most of the time, including periods as a Director of the asset management companies of HSBC and Barclays. More recently Andy has thrown himself into local politics and is a Lib Dem Councillor on Dorset County Council, West Dorset District Council and Dorchester Town Council. He has stood for Parliament on three occasions

RAF 2019 – Mind the Gap

January 9th 2015 is an historic day for the Royal Air Force as it marks the first increase in the number of frontline combat squadrons since the mid-1980’s. In a dangerous world where putting ‘boots on the ground’ is increasingly politically difficult the RAF is inevitably thrust to the front row of the UK’s force projection.

F-16 Aggressors

A GUEST POST FROM ANDY C In my recent series on the Options facing the UK Government in the SDSR 2015 one of the points that created the most debate was about the replacement and future role of the Hawk.…