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Ace Rimmer

Think Defence contributing author

Battery powered Land Rover

  Admittedly its not the future, and I don’t expect battery powered WMIK-R’s to be forging their way across the desert sands of some forsaken land anytime soon, but it’s a start! This limited production prototype has been produced by…

On the Subject of Innovation: Helicopter Developments

Sikorsky X2
The test flight of the Eurocopter X³ technology demonstrator (First unveiled in February 2009) as shown another company‘s vision of the helicopter of the future.  With the traditional ‘Penny Farthing’ layout beginning to reach its upper technological limit, alternative layouts and composite…

It’s the Way You Tell Em!

Future Lynx Wildcat
Like any joke, it’s the way you tell it that makes a good one great. The same goes for the Major Projects Report 2009, issued by the MOD on 15th December, with special regard to the AW159 Lynx Wildcat. The…

COIN Aircraft – Cracking the Nut

Air Tractor 802U with MX15
With any conflict, whether it is conventional or counter insurgency (COIN), airpower will play an important, if not pivotal role.  When fighting a large, sophisticated army the air assets need to be equally sophisticated to counter the vast array of…