A LARGS DELIVERY FOR REMOTE COMMUNITY 08-03-2010After a short transit by sea to the remote town of Anse a Veau (sic) RFA Largs Bay, 17 Port and Maritime Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps and other members of her Embarked Military Force commence the proccess of unloading some 6 tons of beans, 32 tons of rice and 275,000 packs of Meals ready to Eat (MRE).Carried out in support of the World Food Programme (WFP) this operation has enabled the WFP to get much needed food into a community cut off from the rest of Haiti. Anse a Veau has been isolated ever since a mud slide swept away the only road out of town.RFA Largs Bay, a 16,000 ton Bay Class Landing Ship Dock (Auxiliary) is deployed in support of DfID (Department for International Development)and the World Food Program (WFP) as the United Kingdom’s contribution to the humanitarian Aid Relief effort currently giving support to the people of Haiti following Januarys Earthquakes.Please Credit LA(PHOT) Pete Smith / MOD

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