A Tentative Return to Blogging

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Yes, I know I keep stopping and starting, but this is what happens when you do something for enjoyment and not a job, interest waxes and wanes, real-life steps in and other things happen. Anyway, just a recap on what will be happening in the next few weeks and a look at site changes.

ONE; have given the site a haircut, got rid of a load of old posts that weren’t very good, cleaned up the image database (that was over 20Gb) and implemented a new theme that is hopefully cleaner and a lot faster than the old one.

TWO; switched the adverts back on, I know this is polarising but hosting and other fees aren’t getting any cheaper, so, you know, click something if it interests you. There is also the option to buy me a coffee which is a donation system.

THREE; Long reads (reference content) are in the process of being refreshed and tidied up, some of them really were rambling and bloated., this is what happens when you don’t have an editor. Am about halfway through these with all now intended to fit on a single page. Anyone that downloaded them through PayHip will get the latest versions but am withdrawing that system after that.

FOUR; Have written enough blog posts for one a week for 3 months, they are sitting in the queue.

Titles (in no particular order);

  • The Increasing Quality of Commercial Satellite Imagery
  • Pallet Trailers for the Win
  • Massive Soviet Helicopters
  • A New Port at Port Stanley
  • Illegal Fishing and the British Overseas Territories
  • A Second Wind for Lightweight Infantry Mortars
  • A Successor for the Amazing C-17
  • The Secret Life of RORO Ramps and Linkspans
  • Small Scale Demountable Payloads
  • The Antonov Giants
  • How an Army Prints Maps
  • The Amazing ELCAS Causeway

Keeping to one per week and having a 3-month buffer will allow me to see how writing regularly again fits with a desire to keep the quality up, hopefully.

Thanks for staying with the site, it really is appreciated, let’s see where it goes in this next chapter.

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