New Content – Easibridge Lightweight Tactical Bridging

EasiBridge offers the world’s first truly man-portable, long-span rescue/assault bridging system. Exploiting the inherent flexibility of the EasiBridge systems, a further eight engineer/infantry “Super-Kit” capabilities can be used.

Key benefits include;

  • Portability; weighing just 4kg/m the EasiBridge sections can be easily carried by dismounted personnel and handled without mechanical assistance,
  • Span Length; gaps of up to 18m can be installed by a single person, with access from one side only,
  • Low Cost; EasiBridge is significantly lower cost than comparable infantry assault bridges,
  • Versatility; using common components a wide range of demanding requirements can be addressed.

EasiBridge is 80% more compact & 85% lighter than incumbent Infantry Assault Bridges. EasiBridge is expandable to offer a universal, ground-breaking solution for gap crossing, infantry carriage support, troop protection, logistics handling – even man-portable SVBIED barriers. A multi-function super-kit, ideally suited for the challenges of urban warfare, as well as special-forces, engineer and dismounted infantry operations.

It promises to be revolutionary.

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