Towards SDSR 2018 – Part 1 (Breaking the Crisis Cycle)

It is easy to advance a case for more defence funding and in our echo chambers we would all agree, with the only dissent being about what to spend the extra money on. Instead, I am going to make a case for a series of difficult choices that avoid the tired old tropes of moving Trident out of the MoD’s budget, raiding the DFiD budget and sacking pen pushers.

If the MoD does get an increase in budget, great, all power to those that campaign for it, but unless that increase is sustained and significant I suspect in a couple of years’ time there will be another funding crisis and we will all be back to arguing about the same things.

This is the first in an occasional series on UK defence reviews and suggesting means of achieving some semblance of stability by recognising extents and limitations, describing priorities and actually living the consequences of those priorties.

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Breaking the Crisis Cycle

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