Progress Update – February 2017

10 25

Evening all.

As I have explained, 2017 is the year that Think Defence goes low key but more detailed, no more frequent short blogs but longer form content at a much more relaxed pace.

What has been happening?

The long forms posts are all getting a complete makeover before I delete the blog posts and clean up the design. The ones completed so far include;

Once the rest of the long form articles are updated, there are many more in the pipeline, and they will be published at a pace I can sustain, probably one a quarter.

Also in the future, will be an ability to download the long form content as PDF’s and for them to be subject to a regular review and update schedule, watch this space.

I know this might seem like the longest drawn out farewell ever but it is a long process.

Will do another update post next month, for anyone that is still watching.

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Senior Moment

I’m still watching and I miss you. Just for the record I think that BREXIT and the 20% drop in the pound will be a major blow for defence procurement leading to a catastrophic SDR .


Looking forward to update

Please keep up the good work!


SM. If the Bank of England had raised interest rates by 0.25%, rather than cutting them by 0.25%, then I do not think the Pound would have dropped in value.
Another reminder that the ThinkDefence openthread is now on wordpress.


Still watching.
Wait, that sounds creepy…


Can you recommend some other military blog from UK point of view?

Alan Erskine

I love that last image. NEMO mounted on a 10 tonne truck; interesting concept.


TD. I keep coming back as well and you are missed.

I am interested in your views on the Stellar Systems proposal for the T31.

I understand you have other commitments, but having created the pre-eminent defence site in the UK – we need it to remain operational.

As Kitchener once said – your country needs you…


Hi TD, are those over-the-shore pieces going to be a new “long read”? Or should I read them as they stand

TEHFINN: TD dispatched some (not most, how unfortunate) of us to the ukdefenceforum, which is good, but more kit and UK centric than this blog (used to be).