So long, fish and all that

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After nearly eight years , time to call it a day.

Has been a hoot, made some great friends and had the honour to interact with current and ex service personnel, academics, people from industry and members of the great British public who care about the defence of this nation, plus of course, the same from other nations.

A special mention to the big bunch of commenters and guest authors, without which this place would be much the poorer, and not forgetting those that have thrown a few quid into the jar over the years to cover hosting costs.

Nothing is happening overnight and the long form content will live on in another form, not yet decided how though.

Will post more details in the near future, with perhaps a look back over the years.

Thanks all, it has been an honour.



I know many of you don’t appreciate all the Sapper and Logistics stuff I write about, but hey, not everyone can be perfect :)

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Thank you for being so kind and passing on knowledge despite our disagreements.

Peter Feeney

Bah! THE King of White Knights turns his horse for home! Now who will tilt for/with us? Sad day


Thanks TD. Learnt a lot scanning this place
So where should a layman go to get accurate news and information now? I want to know more than the flimsy and abysmally inaccurate media reports and hear opinion from those on the front line (an overused political phrase actually fairly appropriate here….), without going into narrow or obviously service biased blogs.


So sorry to see you go TD. I’m one of the “members of the great British public who care about the defence of this nation” and realised a few months ago that he knew little about our armed forces. I’ve found this site an invaluable resource in my quest to learn more about how our capabilities stack up against the rest of the world.

ChrisM raises an interesting point – “So where should a layman go to get accurate news and information now? “. Maybe that’s an idea for a final short piece on other sites that you think worth visiting.


A big loss, but understand the decision. All the best, and thanks for the years of informed debate!

Senior Moment

Many thanks for all the hard work. I have enjoyed, been angered by and interested by so many of the articles as well as the depth of research.


I found this site many years ago because it looked at things differently, made me think differently to the usual pr pieces that appeared and countered the utter nonsense seen in the majority of the press including some of the specialist press so it’s made me think differently about defence and get to chat with many fine commentators from all walks of life.

“Oh they look like tramps but they build your camps and sometimes lead the advance,
they sweat red blood to bridge the flood to give you a fighting chance
Who stays behind when its getting too hot, to blow up the bridge in the rear?
Just tell your wife she owes your life to some Muddy Old Engineer,
Some dusty, crusty, croaking, joking Muddy Old Engineer.”

Thank you u will be missed

Not a Boffin

You’ve found a container farm, haven’t you? HAVEN’T YOU??

All the best. Keep watching Krikket…..


A tremendously enjoyable site with a great mix of SMEs and crayoners. It will be missed


Thank you TD. Great blog that will be missed .


To echo the other commentators, Thank you so much for your posts over the years. It genuinely has been invaluable and fascinating reading, and you will be sorely, sorely missed.

The Armchair Soldier

A huge loss indeed. Many thanks for all the informative articles and discussion over the years, as well as all of the laughs (I hope you don’t stop your funny gif tweets!).

Anyone needing a new place to discuss defence is welcome to join the UK Defence Forum:


Noooooo! Am now crying in my mug of tea (may need something stronger). Still its your life TD & if you want to retire to a container by the sea, then I wish you well.

8 years is a lifetime in the Blogosphere. Few achieve the longevity enjoyed by this site whilst maintaining and improving the quality of output. It is a grind though and all will appreciate your earnest efforts. Why though, not take a break for a few months and reassess in the New Year? There remains a pressing need for informed debate, especially with another period of rapid change approaching with the commissioning of the carriers. As you know, the general defence debate is pretty hollow and when you drill down to the ‘dull but important’ bits it is non existent outside of this site in particular and one or two others in general. Nonetheless, I hope you maintain the site as a learning and research resource for others in the future and perhaps, keep the door ajar to restart the engines if you chose so to do. Thank you again and good luck!

PS – If Clinton is elected her previous sympathetic view toward Argentina may manifest itself in an increase in tensions between the UK and Argentina. We’ll need those containers then….. cometh the hour and all that.


Thanks for all your hard work TD and I think everyone who frequents these shores would agree that you can be rightly proud of what you have achieved over the years.

Hopefully someone can run with the colours and create a blog that is as open and friendly as this, where thinking out of the box is not immediately ridiculed and cast aside by the ‘Professionals’ and the status quo can be challenged.

As always the immortal Blackadder says it all!


It’ll be a great loss to defence commentary. I gravitated towards the site many years ago as a civilian who cared about defence issues and wanted to learn more, but found the mainstream media seriously uninformed and over opinionated.

There wasn’t and still isn’t another source of such quality commentary, analysis, discussion and argument. Our knowledge will definitely be for the worse in it’s absence.

Great job all round TD! Enjoy your retirement…..but know that this site will be sourly missed.


May I echo the sentiments of others … I have lurked for many of those years and you will leave a huge need for an equally well informed blog that focuses on the UK Military but is inclusive of both those who have served and those on concerned armchairs like me … Good Luck in all you do. You will be greatly missed.


Will be missed @TD :-(


Thanks TD I think this site is the best in the UK

I humbly suggest taking some time out and perhaps breaking the site down into sections with individual owners and perhaps yourself taking on an editors role only.


It’s too sad, even if I do not post often, I enjoy reading you, always interesting subjects, and your very wide knowledge in defence matters.


Fair winds and following seas. Thanks for the insights.

Back when the site was very busy I was a regular. But I think I got tired of saying the same things and the attitudes of a handful here. But, on the whole I enjoyed it.

Thanks for everything TD.


TD – I’ve only posted a few times. But I’ve read everything. There are few sites that people remember for years after they cease. This will be one. Right up there with Beedalls Navy Matters, and there is no higher praise than that. I understand the immense amount of effort that goes into hosting a site like this, I, however, cannot fathom the amount of effort that has gone into your long form subjects. To me they are works of reference. Hope you find a decent store for them, they deserve to be preserved. FRES, Falklands, Logistics and Complex Weapons in particular are book worthy.

All the best for the future in whatever endeavour’s you have in mind.

Oh, and I’m convinced that the answer to life is somewhere in containers as well…


To retire at the top is an ambition shared by many but achieved by so few. All the best and thanks.

Noooooooooooooo ….. in best Anakin becomes Darth voice …..

Gutted, completely gutted ….. what am I going to read on the train ?

You obviously get my vote for best defence blog EVER !!

Thank you for all your work and effort, it is greatly appreciated and will be greatly missed.

The Other Nick

Thanks TD for your all your hard work, by far the best site on UK defence, will miss it.


Lurker rather than contributor but I’d visit most days and loved reading the articles and discussions. As a not particularly knowledgable civvie learnt as massive amount over the years. Am sat here feeling really gutted now!

Thanks for all the effort and hard work over the years to both TD, guest posters and commenters. Sounds anorack sad to say but has actually been quite a big part of my life and thinking for quite a few years now….


I’ve never posted, read most of it though. Many thanks. Great work.

Daniele Mandelli

First Defence, now Think Defence.
Thank you for all your work with the site and God Bless HM Armed Forces!!!!

Earl Tower

Thank you for years of thought provoking articles and some real insights. Many best wishes for the years ahead for you.


Well boo! I will miss it. Was reading a book about Normandy a few days ago and had a sudden pang to know more about British Army bridges – I knew where to come.

All good things… unfortunately.

Will be missed. Nothing else like it. Will leave a big hole.


Real shame, but I am sure you have good reasons. I’ve very much enjoyed your articles and guest contributions over the years, and discussed quite a few of the naval articles with my dad. Much like our armed forces, decent British military blogs are also being drastically and irrevocably cut :) Good luck for the future!

Keith Campbell

Dear TD, you have done a fantastic job. You will be missed. Thanks for all the hard work. You attracted some really great commentators, which was a reflection on the quality of your own work. Long live containers! Long live TD! Whatever you do, have fun!


The first ten million posts were the worst, and the second ten million posts, they were the worst too. The third ten million I didn’t enjoy at all. After that I went into a bit of a decline. [Marvin, the Paranoid Think Defence Android] – courtesy of the late D. Adams, without who there would not be a million sleek and horribly beweaponed star cruisers poised to unleash electric death at my single word of command… HA, Ha, Ha, ha, ha…

Thank you


Enjoyed the articles and blogs on here, sad to see them come to an end. Wish you the best of luck in the future TD

The Other Chris

I came for the SIMMS, answered a few Gas Turbine questions and leave with some packing cases.



Please don’t go.

Gloomy Northern Boy

…sorry to hear, and wish you well in whatever comes next. I haven’t said a deal since the loss of the Open Thread, but I’ve dropped in very regularly to keep up to date on vital developments in containerisation and bridge building…a terrific site, a great bunch of guys arguing in the back bar…and the best Landlord around.

You’ll be missed.

A very gloomy Gloomy


Hello again don’t know if anyone remembers me from the dark ages, although I’ve not been active in the comments for a long long time I’ve always popped by periodically to catch up on the content. I wish you happiness and the best of luck with whatever you get to :)

Fluffy Thoughts

No more TD-Towers! :(

It has been a privilege to read your site. Best of luck for the future

Really going to miss you TD, long time lurker but avid reader for the whole run (eight years already?). Thank you for your hard work and well researched topics, always informative.
All the best on your next endeavours, greetings from Holland.

Echoing what a lot of people have said; a blog that stands head and shoulders above the rest C:
Thank you for your work, time and balanced approach to defence and especially the subjects that didn’t really get discussed or detailed about.

Will certainly be missed, someone has already mentioned the ‘Bugger’ joke from black-adder; but it certainly fits!


As from now, there will be a blank spot in my daily reading list :-(
Thanks for your efforts all these years. It has been a real pleasure following your blog for the last 6 or 7 years. You should be proud of what you have realized. You will be missed.
Good luck and enjoy you next project, whatever it may be.


“Eyes, RIGHT!!”

Mike W

My first reaction was a prolonged: “Oh,no! It’s not happening, is it?” I suppose my response was because I was among the early contributors. Even back then quality was the watchword. It was superb then and I think it has actually improved over the years in that more people with really expert knowledge have started posting more frequently. The forum always contains intelligent, probing and thought-provoking comments.

Is there no possibility, TD, as several earlier mourners have asked, of you taking a sabbatical, recovering your energies and then returning, perhaps with a greatly reduced site but one still enabling us to learn and discuss? As an earlier contributor, Mental Crumble, said, “There remains a pressing need for informed debate.” I’m not sure what you have in mind when you say that “the long form content will live on in another form” but am hoping that at least something of the same quality remains. Your research in some of those long articles has been been colossal and astounding.

Good luck in your future..


Thanks a lot TD. I DO enjoy your logistics part. It is the “center” of the war, not-easily obtained from net/book/web, and actually very interesting read! Many issues, many solutions, good and bad … Thanks a lot!

All Politicians are the Same
All Politicians are the Same

You will be missed. Have massively enjoyed the experience.. Please tell me you will remain on twitter at least.


Sorry to hear it, boss.

An excellent site, with excellent content, made more excellent with the commentators.


I have enjoyed reading your blog over the past few years. thank you for taking the time to share so much good information and interesting opinion.

Just realized that I did not specifically say thank you for allowing myself, and all the other guest authors a vehicle for publishing our own rants and pet projects – so thank you sir, much appreciated indeed !!

Will Douglas

Thanks for putting in all the hard work and all the best for the future.


Never really posted, but I discovered this website four or five years ago as a civvy wanting to know more about defence. Thank you TD, guest posters and commentators for all your hard work, you’ve all been a great help to me and others.


As another member of the public with no real connection to the armed forces other than a long-standing interest, I have found Think Defence an invaluable and unparalleled source of fascinating information and insight. So much so that, since September 2015, when I first came across the site looking for background on Ajax, I have become pretty much addicted to it and spend far too much time on it reading the latest content or comments and even adding a bit of crayoning of my own to the debate. Thanks very much TD for so generously putting the time into it and sharing your knowledge. All the best.

40 deg south

If you hear a faint wailing in the distance, that will be your Down Under readers responding to the sad news. A huge thanks to TD for years of hard graft, and to all those whose comments and contributions made it such an a lively and informative site. Will be sadly missed by many.

A loss BRother, Keep up the good work & Watch your “SIX”.. S/F


Thanks for keeping me informed. You’re efforts have been much appreciated.


As we Yanks put it: Say it ain’t so Joe?
Thoroughly enjoyed and recommended your site many times.
Is it going to be archived online?
Stay in touch.
P.S. I came to your site for sealift and transportation insights as I call them

Edward Greene

I had only just discovered this site and was thouroghly enjoying it. Thank you.

I have to say I’ve always been astounded that you’ve been able to have a life as well as run TD to such a high standard, so I understand why you feel it’s time to stop, but it doesn’t take any of the edge off the bitter sense of disappointment and genuine sense of loss I felt when I read your piece.

For me the pure level of detail in your articles and the quality of the debate has been what has kept TD as the first site I reach for every morning for the last five years or so.

You and your wonderful creation will be sadly missed, but good luck to you and your family in all you do in the future.



Thanks TD, this site has been an invaluable source of knowledge for me and I shall miss your posts and the erudition of the many learned commentators- I understand why you are stopping and really appreciate every you have done over the years.


Dear TD,
thanks from a fan of your blog who loves your “logistics stuff” in particular.
I also second the request on recommendations for where we should go for similar information from now on.


So now there’s no alternative to the groupthink narrative? Sad.


TD you have got to be kidding me. I go off on ops for 2 months, finally get around to logging on and see this? The world will be a poorer place. What am I going to do for the next 4 months bobbing about on the oggin?

Thanks for all the hard work shipmate – a job very well done.

Mad Marsupial

Thank you and bugger.

I didn’t realise you’d been at it for 8 years! Thank you for so much well written and well informed commentary.

However, what the bugger am I to read now?


Sorry to see you go TD! Thouroughly enjoyed this site, especially the logistics posts!