Procurement of Type 26 and Type 45 combat ships examined


Defence Committee questions top Navy Officials on Type 25 and Type 45 ships procurement

from Defence Committee

The Defence Committee takes evidence from top Navy Officials on the procurement of the Type 26 Global Combat Ship and the Type 45 Destroyer.


Tuesday 7 June 2016, the Wilson Room, Portcullis House

At 10.45am

  • Rt Hon Lord West of Spithead GCB, DSC, PC, former First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff
  • Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope GCB, OBE, DL, former First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff
  • Peter Roberts, Senior Research Fellow for Sea Power and Maritime Studies at RUSI

At 11.30am

  • John Hudson, Managing Director, BAE Systems plc
  • Andrew McKeran, Marine Business Executive, GE Energy Connections – Power ConversionDr Andrew Tyler, Chief Executive Europe, Northrop Grumman
  • Tomas Leahy, Director, EMEA Programmes, Naval Marine, Rolls-Royce

At 12.15pm

  • Duncan McPhee, Manual Convenor (Scotstoun), Unite

Focus of the session

The Committee seeks to examine:

  • The effect on Royal Navy capability of the decision in the 2015 SDSR to reduce the number of the Type 26 Global Combat Ships from 13 to 8 with the expectation that the remaining 5 vessels will be a new class of lighter, flexible general purpose frigates
  • An assessment of the impact of the reported delays in the Type 26 programme
  • The MoD, Royal Navy and industry decision-making processes in relation to the Integrated Full Electric Propulsion system for the Type 45
  • An assessment of the propulsion problems on the Type 45 vessels and the impact on the Royal Navy’s ability to conduct its work
  • How will the problems with the Type 45 be remedied in the short and long term, including the Project Napier work strands
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