Committee writes to Secretary of State on Type 26 Global Combat ship

Defence Committee publishes letter to the Defence Secretary regarding information on Type 26 Global Combat ship

from Defence Committee

Type 26 GCS 01

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Geoff Scott
Geoff Scott
June 15, 2016 8:01 pm

If it the intension of the MOD to order smaller frigates before the Type 26.The latter will be years off before they enter service as the “sloops” have not been designed!

Peter Elliott
June 15, 2016 9:47 pm

Understandable letter given the recent evidence to the committee. I presume it will be met with a stonewall from the SoS. When are he and the Perm Sec next due to give evidence themselves…?

El Sid
El Sid
July 21, 2016 2:50 pm

Update with 1SL and head of DE&S in front of the committee :

Not sure it adds much to what’s in the public domain, other than :

“The design, as I indicated before, factually, is approximately 60% complete at the moment. There is a programme, obviously, to close out. There is a big part of that in the compartmentalisation of the ship’s internal structure and the manner in which many of the communications systems are completed and integrated….

I believe that we will be able to bring a definitive set of dates in the relative short term. I cannot give you a time and date at this point…. I do not believe that risk will play out by the autumn statement…

the eight Type 26 frigates are approximately £8 billion-worth of planning going forward….£1.809 billion has been committed to the first three ships already…

We’ve bought new equipment for each of the three first Type 26s, to sort of get the class going, if you like; that is part of the long-lead items we have procured. So we will then have, as it were, a residue of decommissioned Type 23s’ equipment, which we can return and recycle, and deliver to the builder to fit into the Type 26. We won’t have to bring one in and stop it operating before we send it north”

Also a bit on T45 engines, Rivers and T31.

The Other Nick
The Other Nick
September 18, 2016 1:24 pm

14th September Cohort PLC subsidiary company SEA receives £2 million contract for its upgraded Tonpilz transducers from Ultra Electronics to fit to its digital array module design for S2050TR (Technology Refresh) HMS for the Type 23.
Only eight ship sets contracted for with delivery over the next five years and “this has also strengthened SEA’s hopes of contributing to the Type 26 Global Combat Ship programme”

The Other Nick
The Other Nick
September 19, 2016 2:37 pm

Where part of the Type 26 demonstration phase £859 million funding money was allocated, David Brown £170 million plus contract for the gearbox, old news from Aug. ’15 though did not see cost quoted before.
The design, manufacture and test of the Type 26 RR MT30 gearbox contract is funding conversion of semi-derelict area of the DB’s Huddersfield site into new manufacturing, assembly and test facilities. The first gearbox set for testing due in 2017, presumably contract also includes the first three ship sets.