RN and RFA Ship Annual Running Costs

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The figures below show annual running costs for Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships.

The average annual costs of operating only include those which are directly attributable to the Ship’s Unit Identity Numbers e.g. Personnel Costs, Fuel, Port Visits, Travel & Subsistence etc.

The average annual costs of operating do not include:­

a. Maritime Domain Maintenance Costs

b. Central Allowances- Appointing Drafting and Leave (allowances), Continuity of Education Allowance etc

c. Overheads for common services

d. Support costs for Naval Bases

e. Support costs from other MoD Top Level Budget areas

f. Central costs i.e. IT and Communications

g. Aircraft costs

h. Training and force generation costs

Costs shown are in £ million, per annum, for individual ships or individual ships in the class.

LPD Albion Class 23.975
T45 Daring Class 14.764
RFA Auxiliary Oiler and Replenishment Ship (Fort Victoria) 14.325
LPH Ocean Class 12.345
RFA Solid Support Ship (Fort Austin) 11.776
T23 Duke Class 11.735
RFA Tanker (Wave Class) 9.183
RFA Primary Casualty Receiving Ship, and Aviation Training (Argus) 8.877
RFA Landing Ship Dock Auxiliary (Bay Class) 8.170
Antarctic Patrol Ship (Protector) 7.413
RFA Small Tanker (Black Rover) 7.227
RFA Forward Repair Ship (Diligence) 6.558
RFA Spt Tanker Leaf Class (Orangeleaf) 5.677
ECHO Class 5.460
OCEAN SURVEY Ship (Scott) 4.541
RIVER Class 3.449
SANDOWN Class 3.020
HUNT Class 2.762
GLEANER Coastal Survey Ship 0.555

HMS Gleaner, the cheapest ship in the fleet, who’da thunk it !


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