30mm Cannons for QE and Tidespring

Seahawk 30mm Royal Navy

Contract note…

IGMR PT, part of the UK Ministry of Defence, intends to award a contract for the supply of 12 30mm Calibre Gun Systems to MSI Defence Systems Ltd (MSI-DSL). This is because the MDI-DSL 30 mm Calibre Gun System has been in service (in different variants) since the 1980s, installed on a range of different platforms and the additional Gun Systems are now required for installation on new platforms (HMS Queen Elizabeth and the MARS tankers). A change of supplier would result in incompatibility with the existing fleet of 72 fielded systems, including the associated support (spare components and services) and training arrangements. It would also result in disproportionate technical difficulties in operation and maintenance since both the new platforms have been designed to accommodate the installation of this tried and tested Gun System. The contract will be for a period of less than 5 years

Value excluding VAT: 16 500 000.00 GBP

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