Polish Surface Combat Vessel Competition

Rolls Royce CDV 2

In all the discussion about BAE we often forget the UK has another ship design business, Rolls Royce.

Responding to the Polish Navy modernisation programme, Rolls Royce have released images of their submission for the Coastal Defence Vessel (CDV) requirement in the Miecznik  programme. The same design is also proposed for the patrol ship Czapla programme, the key differences being the weapons fit. It is 99.7 metres long and displaces just over 2,400 tonnes. Accommodation for 60 crew and an additional 30 personnel is included and the ship is said to have a 28 day endurance. With a CODLOD propulsion system its design top speed is 25 knots. Weapons and sensors include a 76mm Oto Melara gun, twin MSI 30mm automatic cannons, two quad NSM missile launchers, MU90 torpedo launchers and four Sylver A35 cells for quad packed VL-MICA anti-aircraft missiles; Smart-S 3D radar, Thales optronic systems and Kingclip sonar.

The hangar and flight deck can accommodate an NH90 sized helicopter and the stern ramp allows the embarked RHIBS to be safely launched and recovered in high sea states.

Rolls Royce CDV 3

Rolls Royce CDV 4

Rolls Royce CDV

Lockheed Martin, DCNS and others are also reported to be bidding.

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