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Tornado Gr4 with Brimstone and Paveway IV

Why there will always be an Independent Air Force

There are a number of commentators, mostly Navy enthusiasts, but not all, who like to wax-lyrical about why the RAF should be subsumed into the other Services. Most of the debate I have seen is well intentioned, but ill-informed and often tainted by a severe bias and a sense of bitterness against the Air Force. Most of the discussion is tainted by a desire to secure fixed wing aviation for the RN as it is viewed as some kind of panacea. This is dangerous as it is a poor motive disguised as savings with a desire to improve the UK’s defence capacity.

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Chinook Underslung 105mm Light Gun

The British Are Coming

From Fort Bragg. The British are coming! Capt. Joseph Bush, 82nd Airborne Division Artillery FORT BRAGG, N.C. — The British are coming! The British are

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