Joint Electronic Warfare Operational Support Centre (JEWOSC)

Op SHADER RAF Tornado aircrew

In April this year I briefly touched on a contract award to MASS for engineering services in support of the NATO Joint Electronic Warfare Core Staff (JEWCS) at RNAS Yeovilton.

In kind of semi related news, the Defence Electronic Warfare Centre (DEWC) has been moved from Air Command and into Joint Force Command.

It is now the Joint Electronic Warfare Operational Support Centre (JEWOSC).

From the RAF;

The organisation originally began life as the Electronic Warfare Operational Support Establishment (EWOSE); it was established as a tri-Service facility at RAF Wyton in 1983. Its remit was to provide programming support to first generation aircraft, ships and land equipment to be fitted with digital Radar Warning Receivers (RWR) and Electronic Support Measures (ESM).

With the advancement of technology associated with EWOS and the increased complexity of RWR and ESM equipments, EWOSE grew significantly. Moving to the Air Warfare Centre in 1993 and into the Thomson Building at RAF Waddington in 1995, the addition of further elements such as the AWC Tactics and EW Division led to the re-branding of EWOSE. In order to reflect its now wider Defence roles and responsibilities, EWOSE became the Defence Electronic Warfare Centre (DEWC) and now consisted of 4 Sqns, staffed by a mix of Tri-Service, Civil Servant and Defence Industry personnel.

The work undertaken by all 4 Sqns within JEWOSC has become a key enabler for mission success and exists to ensure the survivability of UK personnel and equipment in an RF contested battle space.

During the transition of the DEWC to the JEWOSC, day-to-day business for the majority of the workforce within the Thomson Building will remain largely unaffected, with subtle changes to post titles and email addresses the only immediately visible change.

However, the transition to JFC will see JEWOSC provided with 4* representation under Commander Joint Forces Command (JFC), with Operational Control delegated to Director Cyber Intelligence and Information Integration (DCI3). Tactical Command and Control will be devolved to Director JEWOSC, a role that will remain with Commandant AWC.

Integration within JFC will enable greater coherence across EWOS within the tri-Service environment and hopes to introduce greater efficiencies and reduce risks. It is also expected that with the increased complexity of the latest generation of EW equipment the ability to deliver fused data solutions to front line operators will be greatly improved.

Meeting the challenges of the 21st century EW operating environment is a significant challenge that the JEWOSC is meeting head-on. A proactive rather than re-active approach to EWOS ensures that the JEWOSC is well placed at the forefront of EW requirements management for future programmes.

The two are vaguely related because MASS were also part of the Team Excalibur consortium that delivered the 2010 Project SHEPERD improvement programme for the Defence Electronic Warfare Centre (DEWC).

Electronic Warfare is one of those very real advantages the UK has over other nations but something we don’t tend to see much news on, for very good reasons.


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